Sonic Boom Six Premiere Music Video From Upcoming Album

UK mash-up heroes Sonic Boom Six have made a music video for the song “No Man, No Right,” the first single from their upcoming album “The F-Bomb” due out in early 2016. The video does its best to depict what the average woman experiences at a rock show by placing guys in their shoes. SPOILER: The scene is super sexist and it sucks to be a woman at a rock show. I’m sure the video doesn’t even scratch the surface.

According to the band:

Filmed at The MacBeth, Hoxton, the promo vid flips the typical, macho, testosterone-fuelled gig experience on its head, with the lads in the band suffering the same everyday ordeals that your average female stoically tolerates at almost every rock show. Directed by Chloë Wicks, it’s a lighthearted video with a serious message of female-empowerment; the ideal visual companion to the upbeat ska track, taken from SB6’s forthcoming, Dan Weller-produced , Adam Noble-mixed album The F-Bomb.

This ska tune is catchy, empowering, and totally danceable, all things we love and expect from Sonic Boom Six.

The last time we reported on SB6, we expected the next album to be “Operation Boom Box,” funded by a Pledgemusic Campaign. We’re not sure if “The F-Bomb” is going to be released instead of or in addition to that release. Either way, we’re just excited for more tunes from this band.

UPDATE 10/26/15 2:15 PM: Check the comments. The band has let us know that “The F-Bomb” is in fact the name of the new album.

Watch the video below:

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