Spend Christmas with The Aquabats

Superhero ska/punk band and TV stars The Aquabats have gifted us this season by streaming their Christmas episode in full on YouTube. It struck me as odd that the band would be able to release the full episode online without any complaints from the network. Well, as it turns out, the The Aquabats Supershow has not been renewed for a third season by the Hub as they change their brand (or whatever). Their loss. The band is committed to continue performing and finding a new home for the show. We wish them the best!

Spoiler alert:¬†I’m going to talk about the episode.

The Christmas show itself is weird and actually sort of scary. The villain of the episode is the Krampus, a hooved horned devil-thing derived from Alpine folklore, who is more or less the opposite of Santa. Who knew? The episode accordingly borrows from the Krampus mythology. A town is terrified of Christmas thanks to Krampus and when The Aquabats get to town, they have a run-in with Krampus. The Aquabats don’t exactly save the day, but you can guess who does*. I do, however, love their “Holiday Spirit” outfits. We also learn that Ricky Fitness has an unmatched love for Christmas, so much so that he sings about it. It’s pretty cute. Watch the full episode above.

To the best of my knowledge, The Aquabats have only recorded two holiday tunes, a ska cover of Lindsey Buckingham’s “Holiday Road Car” and the original punky “Santa Claus’ Party,” handed out at shows in 2009 on a burned CD called “Holiday Extravaganza!” Listen below.

The Aquabats – “Holiday Road Car”

The Aquabats – “Santa Claus’ Party”

* Santa. Santa saves the day. It’s a Christmas episode.