Stray Bullets Premiere Video For “Knife For The Pusherman”

Boston ska-punk outfit Stray Bullets have released a video for their track “Knife For The Pusherman” off of their new album Ghost Town Rockers. The video for the song is a visual retelling of the song’s backstory, which is explained in a recent Dying Scene interview with singer Jon Cauztik:

“…I worked as a bike messenger for a long time, and on one of my daily routes I would see this scummy looking dude who hung out down the block from this methadone clinic near North Station and would deal to the addicts who were heading there trying to get clean…gotta admire his business acumen, but the fact that he was preying on these people and exploiting their weaknesses always disgusted me every time I saw him…like many of us, I’ve lost people to addiction, and in my mind he sort of became the scapegoat for all of that, so I started hatching a plan to roll up to him under the guise of copping, and then stab him…luckily for both of us, I came around to the realization that getting rid of one shitty drug dealer wasn’t gonna fix the problem, so premeditated murder became this song instead.

Check out more snippits from the interview at this Dying Scene post. Stray Bullets were recently signed to Dying Scene Records, and this is the band’s first proper release with the label.

Ghost Town Rockers was released on October 7th, and can be streamed and purchased through Dying Scene’s Bandcamp page. Additionally, a few Stray Bullets albums can be streamed/purchased through the band’s own Bandcamp page as well. Check out the new album in full below.