Stray Bullets, Rebuilder Featured on Boston Punk Compilation Friends of Spaghetti Vol. 1

“I just really like animals,” you say. “Animals are my life,” you say, even louder and to no one in particular. “I have a Paypal account and would love to support animals on a local level,” you shout. You are in public, everyone around you is confused. Does this sound like something that happens to you on a regular basis? Well guess what, weirdo! DO I have the BANDCAMP COMPILATION for YOU!

Inspired by a family member’s pet-friendly fundraising group, Dicky Stock (of Boston bands Idiot Genes, Black Cheers, Handsome Mansion, and Raw Sex) has released a compilation of Boston punk and psych tracks well worth the $6 price tag. All proceeds from the compilation go towards the Friends of The Pembroke Shelter, which aims to “raise funds and bring attention to the needs of local animals.” Included in the comp are familiar faces Stray Bullets and Rebuilder, the latter offering an unreleased cover of Elvis Costello’s “Radio, Radio”.

Check out/purchase the comp below, and take a second to familiarize yourself with the group that you’ll be supporting here.