Streetlight Manifesto Announces Mini-Tour, Mystery Gift for Hands that Thieve Pre-order

Streetlight Manifesto 2014 Tour Yesterday, Streetlight Manifesto announced a 6 show mini-tour of the Northeast United States and Canada later this year, with support from Dan Potthast (of MU330) and Chris Murray. This is in light of their (second?) final tour last year, which was implemented so the band would have more time to work on new material. The tour’s first stop is in Boston on Friday, October 17th, and tickets for the show go on sale next Wednesday via Livenation. This string of shows are the only non-festival headlining sets Streetlight will be playing in 2014, so tickets are more than likely to sell out fast.

Additionally, Streetlight have revealed the nature of the “mystery gift” that fans who pre-ordered last year’s The Hands That Thieve/The Hand that Thieves will receive. If you don’t remember, the band was in conflict with Victory Records at the time of the album’s release, causing the band to delay the physical release of the album and have issues fulfilling pre-orders from the band’s website. The long-awaited “mystery gift” will be a blank CD in a digipak case, along with a 24-page booklet of poems and photography. Read the band’s official statement about the package, which will be shipped in the coming weeks.

Here’s “Your Day Will Come”, a highlight from The Hands That Thieve.