Stunning Time Lapse Video Big Ups The City We Love

Call us hopeless romantics, but we really do love this city. We’re all about ska, we’re all about Boston ska, and it’s this great city that makes this scene so unique.

Writer/directory Sean Collins of BodhiFilms has created this visually stunning time-lapse film entitled This is Boston. By no means does it cover all of Boston and its 23 neighborhoods, but what it does show, it really sells. Who wouldn’t want to live here after watching this video?

The soundtrack is “At Home (Passion Pit Remix)” by Crystal Fighters–a British band, which may or may not constitute irony– which doesn’t feel so Boston to this writer, but it does buck the trend of using a Dropkick song, and that’s okay, too. I do think it’s important that we remind folks that the sound of Boston is as diverse as the people who inhabit it. But Mr. Collins didn’t consult us first, go figure.

What song would you use for the soundtrack to this video? Right now I’m thinking “My Hometown” by Kings of Nuthin’. Leave your suggestions in the comments.

h/t Bostinno