Suburban Legends Announce New Album with Lyric Video

Suburban Legends Friendzone Header

Southern California ska/punk band Suburban Legends released a lyrics video* for “Forever In the Friendzone,” a track from their new album of the same name due out June 2. This album was funded through a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign launched last summer that raised over $30,000. The band traveled to Europe earlier this year on the “Friendzone Tour” and that seems to be their 2015 theme. Many of their songs harp on the “friendzone” cliché so I appreciate them just being up front about it this time around. This song is very much in their refined pop/ska/punk style and could have fit perfectly on their 2012 record “Day Job.” Fans of the band will dig this, and newcomers can rest-assured this represents the band well. You can preorder the new record directly from the band; they’ve got a variety of packages with tshirts, cds, and posters.

At this time, the band hasn’t announced any touring in support of this new album. I don’t think they’ve been to the northeast since 2012 so we’re long overdue for some Suburban Legends loving.

They band last released their Disney-themed EP “Dreams Aren’t Real, But These Songs Are” in 2013 on Rock Ridge Music. Head to the band’s YouTube channel for more videos.

And speaking of Suburban Legends in Europe, one UK fan has produced a musical based on the music of Suburban Legends. I couldn’t make that up if I tried.

* Can we just call them”music videos?” Why distinguish between the two?