The Doped Up Dollies’ Album Kickstarter Funds in Under 5 Days

Doped Up Dollies

It took less than a week for The Doped Up Dollies to hit their Kickstarter goal, enabling them to fund their record. The crowdfunding went live on February 4th and by Monday, February 8th, they had met their goal.

First formed in 2008, you know the Doped Up Dollies as the backing vocalists for Big D and the Kids Table, first appearing on 2009’s Fluent In Stroll record and joining the stage act on Warped Tour that same year. They again appeared on the 2013 Big D double LP Stomp and Stroll, featured heavily of course on the Stroll side. The single “What I Got” found them stepping to the forefront, taking on lead vocals and it really foreshadowed this Kickstarter.

In 2014, the Dollies headed to the woods of New Hampshire with Big D as their backing band to record a full length. “The New Way Out” had almost reached completion and they looked to crowdfunding to help finish the recording process and pay for manufacturing. The audience spoke and the audience spoke fast, with 146 backers (and counting), two of which have funded at the $450 level (let us know how the brownies are!) They promised delivery of rewards, including the record, in October of 2015. You have 35 days to chip in with the band promising new “stretch” rewards.

I am incredibly psyched for this record. For those not familiar with the Dollies or the “Stroll” sound, check out this playlist we’ve put together containing essential Dollies tracks, both live and studio.

UPDATE 2/11/15 1:15 PM: As promised, stretch goals have been added!

$9k – If we raise 9k, we will include a limited edition Doped Up Dollies slip-mat to anyone who donates $35 or more along with that sweet sweet wax! ~

$9.5k – If we raise 9.5k, we will be able to produce…. Drumroll please…… dadadadadadadum… YOU asked for it! dadadadadadadadadum ….. ….. CDs!!!!!! Anyone who donates $25 or more will receive the official “The New Way Out” album in physical form.

$11k – If we raise $11k, we will press a limited edition 7″ split with none other than Big D and the Kids Table featuring an unreleased never heard before song featuring special guest Maddie Ruthless! This reward will be available to anyone who has or will donate $75 or more!