The Flaming Tsunamis Release Long-Awaited Album “Externalities”

Flaming tsunamis

Connecticut metal-core/ska/punk band The Flaming Tsunamis are streaming their long-awaited farewell album Externalities in full over at Community Records. Recorded between 2008/2009, setbacks caused the album’s release to be pushed back to 2011. Unfortunately, more setbacks were in store (including the untimely death of one of the band’s members), causing the release to be pushed back almost 7 years after it’s initial production.

Given the history of this record, it is only natural that setbacks continue to halt this record’s full release. Due to issues with clearing the record’s numerous vocal samples, physical copies of the record have been pushed back for at least a couple of months. Additionally, the vinyl and CD versions of the record will most likely have different samples than the ones available in the stream right now, as well as one track (“You Can’t Go Back”) which will only be available upon the album’s physical release.

Though the album is much heavier on the metal-core side than the ska side (especially more than the near-essential preceding album Fear Everything), it does include horn parts that are very reminiscent of Community Records label mates Fatter Than Albert (also a plus – the vocal harmonies in closing track “Ants”).

Listen to the album in full below, and stay tuned for news of the physical release.