The Pomps Record New Songs with RareBreed Recording Company

rare breed recording co header

Not too long ago, we were tipped off that The Pomps would be heading back into the studio in the month of April. We didn’t know that they would be working with the newly founded RareBreed Recording Company led by Obi Fernandez of Westbound Train and Vinnie Fiorello of Less Than Jake. The ska/new wave band, fronted by Alex Stern, announced yesterday that they’d recorded six songs in Asbury Park, NJ. The release is to be titled “Indie Rock Is Dying” and Ghetto Blaster Magazine has a great profile of the band and the story behind this recording:

2015 finds our Pomps re-assembled and ready to release their best record yet for the new (and ultra-selective) Rarebreed Recording Company. Titled Indie Rock is Dying, Pomps’ debut full-length treats its listener to 6 A-sides of self-styled “Island Power-Pop”. “Downbeat Diner” is an adderall-fueled pul of Hawaii-noir. “All My Guns” is a portrait of the Sandy Hook- Era “responsible gun-owner” that every parent fears, while the title track describes the special hell that is being a ska fanatic while living in a house full of underemployed taste-makers. Surprise closer “How to Lure People” sets up a beach chair in the previously unoccupied zone between Crowded House and Sly and Robbie.

Read the rest of the piece here.

We’re very excited for this recording. You can listen to an early version of “Downbeat Diner” on this episode of the Mutiny on the Microphone podcast from last November. It’s the first song on the podcast and starts at about the 2:50 mark.

The Pomps last released “Pomps Save the Queen” in 2013 and “Top of the Pomps” in 2012. Both area available on Spotify, the later can be purchased from Bandcamp.

Want to learn more about the RareBreed Recording Video? The video below–featuring Vic Ruggiero of the Slackers–will give you a taste of the sound and experience in the studio.