The Screw-Ups Post Live Recording of “Reach Out,” Reveal Details of New Full Length

Four-piece ska/reggae band The Screw-Ups have posted a live version of the song “Reach Out.” To the best of our knowledge this song has otherwise not been previously available. The band last released a self-titled EP in 2013 so we’re excited to hear new recordings. They’ve been keeping busy gigging and are currently in the running for “Best Reggae Band” in the Connecticut Music Awards.

On March 22 they appeared on the DIWhy show on WEMF. In addition to performing live on the air, they revealed that they were in the final stages of recordingĀ a new full length. The hope to have 10 new songs on bandcamp in a few months and are aiming to produce a vinyl release sometime after that. You can stream that radio appearance here. The interview takes place through out, but skip to the 31:00 mark if you want to listen to them perform. At the 40:00 mark you can hear them cover “Gangsters” by The Specials!

They next perform in New London at May 8 with The Hempsteadys and June 6 in Providence with The Copacetics.

The Screw-Ups – “Treat Me Right” – Midway Cafe, JP, 4/4/14