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The Takeaways Release Split EP With Hoser In Preparation For Weekend Tour

Bandcamp | Album Artwork | Hoser Takeaways SplitIn preparation for their weekend mini-tour of Massachusetts this weekend, the Takeaways have released a split EP with Philly punk band Hoser via Workin Class Horror Records. As the first half of the split, Hoser’s blues-flavored punk never really ventures into the ska spectrum. In contrast, The Takeaway’s half shows off a much more ska-oriented band, with the excellent title track from The City (released earlier this year) and the lo-fi “Fuck Life”, off 2012’s Over The Moon EP. Digital downloads of the EP are $3, while a limited edition cassette version is only $5. All proceeds go towards supporting these touring bands.

The first show of the tour is tonight at The Monkey Palace in Boston, with Wisconsin Ska-core band Atrocity Solution, Disco Pop-Punk band Uh-Huh, Hardcore band Spam, and local ska-punkers Poor Jeremy. All three shows in the tour are house shows, so check the dates/locations and message the band for addresses!

Alex Chiasson

Alex Chiasson is a writer for Boston Ska (dot) net. Alex's first experience with ska involved referring to it as "that music with the horns, right?" He's gotten better with categorization, but he also has this weird thing about staying humble. You can see Alex perform with The New Limits.

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