Today In Jeff Rosenstock: 311 Cruise Petition, Shinobu Preorder, Side One Dummy Sampler

This post is also 311 words long, superstition runs strong in these parts.
Photo by Vice

This Thanksgiving, especially in light of recent national events, it is important to try to fully appreciate what you have and are capable of having, and also that every other human being out there in this weird, oft-absurd world is a complex creature with feelings and desires outside of your own. As it turns out, fellow human Jeff Rosenstock‘s chief desire as of late is to play with alternative rock/ska/reggae band 311 on their annual Caribbean Cruise in 2015. Together with Noisey by Vice, Rosenstock wants to make this desire a reality, creating a petition aptly titled “Whisk Me Away On The 311 Cruise?”. Currently, the petition needs just under 400 signatures to reach the initial goal of 1000, so every signature counts! Additionally, you can tweet to 311 with the hashtag #JeffRosenstockChillCruise to let them know that Jeff’s energy is indeed Amber, or any other 311 puns you can come up with (we believe in you!).

jeff rosenstock chill cruise

In other news, Jeff’s label Really Records (along with Lauren Records) will be releasing California punk band Shinobu’s fifth album 10 Thermidor. For every $1000 that is earned in the album’s presale, the band releases a perk, the latest being the ’80s hardcore influenced “Jokes”, released exclusively via Brooklyn Vegan. More importantly is the next perk, in which the entire album will be available for free download via Jeff’s Quote Unquote Records when the total of $3,000 is raised. Support the band and Jeff’s label by contributing here.

In other, other news, Side One Dummy has released a free winter sampler that contains “Hey Allison”, the first single from Jeff’s upcoming solo album. The sampler also contains tracks from The Smith Street Band (who put out a Rosenstock-produced album this past year), Andrew Jackson Jihad, and Restorations, to name a few.

Here’s Jeff performing “The Trash (x3)” as Antarctigo Vespucci at the Middle East Upstairs earlier this month, courtesy of Kevin Davila: