Today In Jeff Rosenstock: Antarctigo Vespucci, “I Look Like Shit” Pre-order

Antarctigo Vespucci | Jeff Rosenstock

Photo via Vice

In between watching episodes of Lost out of order, Jeff Rosenstock (of Bomb! the Music Industry) and Chris Farren (of Florida’s Fake Problems) have been working on a seven song pop album together under the name Antarctigo Vespucci.  Though the songs are not ska per se, the entire album is filled with Jeff Rosenstock trademarks and features The Gaslight Anthems‘ Benny Horowitz and former BTMI member Laura Stevenson. The full album, titled Soulmate Stuff, is now streaming in full at The A.V. Club, and the pre-sale for physical album is available now via Really Records or by digital download via Quote Unquote. Additionally, head over to Vice to read a pretty entertaining interview where Jeff and Chris discuss the project.

Also up for pre-sale is I Look Like Shit, an album of Jeff’s home recordings from 2010-2012.  This record has a nice mix of chaos on par with the early Bomb! albums and more pensive material that reminds me of lo-fi versions of the calmer moments of Vacation. Again, the physical pre-sale can be found at Really Records and a digital download is available at Quote Unquote.

Here’s a video of Jeff playing I Look Like Shit cut “Twinkle” from his set at The Middle East last December.