Today In Jeff Rosenstock: AV Club Undercover Superjam With Andrew Jackson Jihad

av_club_logo_2.25.10To celebrate the new season of The A.V. Club’s Undercover series, Jeff Rosenstock and Andrew Jackson Jihad joined forces recently to perform a 16-song medley of hits previously featured in the series. Highlights include Jeff’s beautiful-and-not-at-all-unsettling baby voice and pretty much the entirety of Andrew Jackson Jihad’s set (particularly the vocal parts, I know, go figure). Additionally, the article also includes a video where both bands are brought together to discuss why they picked the songs they did, and also to collectively name their favorite artist, song, and album (and in a stunning display of both the uncertainty principle and random lapses of judgment involved in group-think, Mudvayne ends up as the answer to one of them). Check out the interview at The A.V. Club’s website.

If you’ve never seen it, The A.V.Club’s Undercover series brings a wide variety of musical acts to the media news/review site’s Chicago office to perform one cover song picked from a list created by the site every season. As with anything of this nature, results in these videos are often wildly different than you’d expect but always seem to be entertaining (personal favorites of mine include GWAR covering Kansas, The Wood Brothers covering Michael Jackson, Reggie Watts covering Van Halen, and Mac Demarco doing basically anything). Jeff and Andrew Jackson Jihad are a good fit for this season’s kickoff, as the two bands recently finished a North American tour that the A.V. Club sponsored. The current season of the Undercover series is currently airing now, and you can check out every video so far here.