Today in Jeff Rosenstock: Bruce Lee Band Tours Korea, The Chris Gethard Show

Really Records l Bruce Lee Band - Community Support Group EP

First off, as this column becomes a pretty regular thing that happens here, I would like to proudly announce that I have been awarded the title of “Official Jeff Rosenstock Correspondent” (“awarded” being a work-safe term for “aggressively demanded and later taken by force”). Naturally, its all downhill from here. If you come across something Jeff-related that I may have missed (or anything Boston Ska-related, for that matter), shoot me an email at tips (at) bostonska (dot) net! 

A few days ago, it was announced that Jeff would be playing keyboards and saxophone with the Bruce Lee Band on their tour of Korea in late August in support of their 2014 Community Support Group EP. Other than Jeff, the touring band will be comprised of founder Mike Park, Dan Potthast and Gerry Lundquist of MU330, and Bomb The Music Industry’s John DeDomenici. While the tour is limited only to Korea, it does provide hope for further touring possibilities closer to home.

Additionally, Jeff was the musical guest on a recent episode of The Chris Gethard Show, a Brooklyn public access program.  The show is a natural fit for Jeff’s music, as it has a low-budget, DIY production and is filmed in what looks like an empty warehouse in Manhattan. The show has become known for it’s unpredictable nature, which is in full force during the impromptu, ten minute “Eat More Butts” chant/dance party that starts out the episode. Jeff and his band jam on the “Butts” chant and go into “Teenager” at 10:16 in the video below. “The Trash The Trash The Trash” begins at 52 minutes, in a performance that (of course) eventually devolves into even more chanting about butts.

Full video: