Today In Jeff Rosenstock: Chris Gethard Show Premiere, Gets You A Job

jeff rosenstock rough trade
Photo by Brooklyn Vegan/Ryan Muir @

The Chris Gethard Show, a very successful New York public access program hosted by (take a guess) comic Chris Gethard, recently got picked up for cable by The Fusion Network. To celebrate the new digs, a premiere party was held at Rough Trade in Brooklyn, NY that featured performances from the Screaming Females, Mal Blum, and (most topically) our boiii/savant-like christ-figure Jeff Rosenstock. Jeff and his band have been featured on the public access version of the show before, in what was a bonkers episode that featured more than one instance of the entire audience breaking into a chaotic chant of “Eat More Butts”. Jeff and Chris Gethard are purportedly good friends, and the DIY style of the show is a natural fit for Jeff’s style (example: Gethard claims his show became popular on the backs of his fans, and in the move to a new network he asked his fans to literally carry him four miles to his new office). Check out a large amount of photos and a write-up of the show over at Brooklyn Vegan. The first season of The Chris Gethard Show is currently airing on Fusion, and past episodes from the public access era are available on Youtube.

Additionally, Jeff was recently featured in a lengthy article over at Noisey titled “How to Turn Your Worthless College Degree into a Job in the Music Industry”, in which around 20 people with jobs in the music industry are interviewed about the realities of their positions and how they ended up where they are. The people interviewed cover a wide range of the industry (producers to publicists to talent agents to tour managers, etc.), and this topic is surely something relevant to a lot of folks this college graduation season. Jeff’s entry (complete with flattering header picture) is the fifth interview, which touches upon what makes a job different from a career as well as advice to not give up and be outgoing that predictably ends with the phrase “We’re all in this world of shit together”. Nuggets of wisdom can be taken from pretty much every interview in the article, but a tl;dr might read something like “work hard all the time, meet as many people as you can”. Check the article out over at Noisey.

Jeff can be seen next on July 30th at the Brighton Music Hall for the Boston stop of his co-headlining tour with Dan Andriano In The Emergency Room. Below, check out the official video for Jeff’s latest album We Cool?’s standout track “You, In Weird Cities”: