Today In Jeff Rosenstock: Download The New Antarctigo Vespucci Record, Plays As Puppies 4 Puppies

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The wait for the new Antarctigo Vespucci record is finally over: the pop-punk (with emphasis on the “pop” part) project from Mother of Dragons Jeff Rosenstock and Fake Problem’s Chris Farren has released Leavin’ La Vida Loca on Jeff’s own Really Records. The album, which follows the past year’s Soulmate Stuff and I’m So Tethered EPs, is 10 songs of infectious hooks that seems like the perfect merging of both member’s styles. Chris Farren’s vocals bring out a lot of the classic-sounding pop melodies that work with the general production to give this album a very beachy, expansive sound (interesting, as everything was apparently recorded in a room “roughly the size of a twin bed”). For those who yearn for the more aggressive side of what Jeff is capable of, the back half of the album houses most of the louder, messier tracks (messy in a good way), with emphasis on the final three songs.

Big Tunes: Impossible To Place, Crashing Waves, No Bad Memories

The record is available physically (LP or cassette) over at Really Records, and digitally by donation over at Quote Unquote (The A.V. club also has a full-album stream, which streams seamlessly as opposed to Quote Unquote’s individual song stream). Listen to “Impossible To Place”, the album’s leadoff single, below.

In other news, this past week or so has seen a suspicious amount of puppy-related twitter posts regarding the latest episode of The Chris Gethard Show, including but not limited to a picture of a clothing rack full of furry costumes (not that kind of furry, I don’t think) and an email transcript from the show producers detailing the risks involved in teaching puppies how to fuckin’ $hred on television (citation needed on both of those but TRUST ME). Naturally, these posts lead to a recent episode of the show, where Jeff and co. performed We Cool? track “Nausea” to an audience of puppies. It ruled, but i think it needed a little bit more butts. Check out a clip of the performance below.

Jeff’s next Boston appearance will be tomorrow (!!!) at the Brighton Music Hall stop of his co-headlining tour with Dan Andriano In The Emergency Room. Tickets can still be purchased via Ticketmaster.

Check out the Boston Ska event calendar for more upcoming local shows in the area.