Today In Jeff Rosenstock: The Jackknife Podcast, Shares “Hey Allison”

Jeff Rosenstock Jackknife Podcast While in Australia doing a mini tour and producing an upcoming album for Melbourne folk-punk act The Smith Street Band, Jeff Rosenstock appeared on an episode of The Jackknife Podcast, which regularly features interviews with various folk-punk and emo artists from around the world. In the episode’s 30-minute runtime, Jeff shares a lot of information about current, past, and future projects.

Among the things we learned in this interview:

1. Jeff has an album worth of new material ready, which will hopefully get a full release by October or November. The album was recorded with Jack Shirley, who had a hand in some of the best releases from bands like Deafheaven and emo-revivalists Joyce Manor.

2. As a graphic designer, Jeff contributed the layout and part of the artwork for Andrew Jackson Jihad’s newest release Christmas Island. Jeff also designed the artwork for Mustard Plug’s most recent album Can’t Contain It, which came out earlier this year.

3. In addition to his forthcoming solo record, Jeff mentioned that the Bruce Lee Band have a full length album slated for release later this year. If you haven’t heard, Mike Park’s Bruce Lee Band made a return this year with Jeff on saxophone duties. This will be their second release this year, including the EP that was released this January.

4. Jeff and Chris Farren (of Florida’s Fake Problems and Jeff’s Lost Podcast) are in talks of making a second Antarctigo Vespucci record. The first, Soulmate Stuff, was released in April.

5. How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days

6. Jeff will be travelling extensively this summer, as he will be touring Korea with the Bruce Lee Band and then a solo tour of Mexico in September.

Jeff also has a number of wisdom nuggets regarding the creative process, whether for his own band or any of his other projects. In the first half of the podcast, Jeff mentions how this is his most productive period since the beginning of BTMI, and that Bomb’s final shows in January gave Jeff a lot of motivation to continue doing what he loves. Enjoy the full podcast below.


In other news, Jeff recently (in terms of up-to-date news “recently” is synonymous with “in the past month”) shared a new song called “Hey Allison” for Las Vegas music site Punks In Vegas. Though the version in the video below is stripped down to Jeff and Hard Girls’ Mike Huguenor on acoustic guitars, the song quickly establishes staples of Jeff’s best material with frenetic strumming and a hook to lose your voice to.