Today In Jeff Rosenstock: “You, In Weird Cities” Video

jeff rosenstock hell yeah

Today, Jeff Rosenstock shared the video for “You, In Weird Cities”, a standout track off this year’s We Cool? (which we loved, read our review of the record here). The video is documentation of when Jeff & Co. played a free, all ages show in each of New York’s five boroughs during one very long day during the week of the new record’s release. Check out the video below, where you can be reminded that Everyone Loves New York and that Everything Was Terrible and Nothing Was Not On Fire.

We Cool? as well as all other Jeff-associated projects are available for download at Quote Unquote Records (donations are accepted), while physical copies of the record can be purchased via Side One Dummy. Jeff was last seen at The Royale on March 21st for the Boston stop of his tour with Andrew Jackson Jihad.