Too Far Gone Records Releases Poor Jeremy’s “It Could Always Be Worst” on Cassette

poor jeremy could always be worst

Ahh, cassettes. Within the current trend of bringing back older, sexier formats of physical music, cassettes are a record label channeling Leonardo DiCaprio by saying “we have to go smaller,” and then time gets real slow and the city you’re in folds into itself like a massive calzone or whatever (very accurate and timely Inception reference). But instead of going deeper from a swanky kung-fu hotel into a snow level from Call of Duty, cassettes go from our local record label into our hearts. Bonus Points too, as they don’t even have to drug us on a plane and strap electrodes to us because they’re already in our dreams. You know what I’m getting at.

Boston Ska favorites Poor Jeremy are the latest to be immortalized in cassette form, as Boston’s Too Far Gone Records have released the band’s latest album It Could Always Be Worst in the format. At $5, the full album is super affordable and comes in a smoky tint with gold lettering. Worst is one of our favorite records out this year by far (read our review of it), so if you haven’t had a chance to hear it yet and want to support the band this is a pretty optimal way to get your toes wet, financially speaking. Buy the album over at Too Far Gone’s website.