Vinnie Fiorello Ranks Less Than Jake’s Discography For Noisey

LTJ rank yr records

Vinnie Fiorello from Less Than Jake recently sat down with Noisey to rank the band’s eight albums from best to worst. If you’re not familiar, “Rank Your Records” features a member of a band with a sizable discography rating their albums by personal preference. The column has certainly picked up steam since the beginning of 2015, featuring a mix of bands you would expect to see on a Noisey list (Bayside, Strung Out, YA BOIIII Jeff Rosenstock) along with some mostly welcome, unexpected choices (Korn, Primus, Korn a second time for emphasis).

The notable point of the column’s entries is that they are based on the artist’s current preferences, which obviously change over the course of sometimes-decades long careers with large amounts of studio output and can often differ wildly from critical consensus. The result of this is that a lot of the lists end with the artist’s most recent album, and SPOILER ALERT SPOILER ALERT this list is no different in terms of Less Than Jake and their solid newest album See The Light. Otherwise, the article contains a lot of interesting trivia about each individual album, including why MTV refused to air the video for “Dopeman” and full detail into the concept of Hello Rockview.

Below, listen to Less Than Jake’s 2013 album See The Light in full:

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