Watch “Never Get Tired”, The Bomb! The Music Industry Documentary

If you recall, roughly 100 years ago we posted about a Kickstarter to fund Never Get Tired, a documentary by No Future Films about Bomb The Music Industry’s run, up to and including their final set of shows in Brooklyn. That was in April of 2014 (like we said, roughly one complete century), where it was noted that the legal clearing of footage and music involved in the doc meant there was no set release date. In late 2015, screenings were held in various cities across the U.S. (Boston included), but still no sign of a proper release.

Fast forward to last Wednesday, and the documentary is finally available for purchase via the independent filmmaker distribution platform VHX. Between 2010 and January 2014, filmmaker Sara Crow accompanied BTMI on various tours, combining live show videos with interviews from the band and friends to come up with over 350 hours of footage. For $5 (a no-brainer for how good this thing is,) you get permanent access to the full documentary, a commentary track, and two shorter bonus videos of Bomb bassist John Dedomenici cutting his hand while trying to open a wine bottle with a hollow pole and a croc (as one does) and the band detailing their experiences during their first European tour.

The documentary itself, which runs about an hour and a half, remains entertaining the whole way through as it follows the band (though w/ primary focus on Jeff) from the early days of the Arrogant Sons of Bitches up to Bomb’s final set. We highly recommend the end of the documentary for those who enjoy getting ~*~emotional~*~ at work or in other public spaces.

Never Get Tired: The Bomb The Music Industry Story is available for purchase at VHX. Below, check out the film’s colorful poster, designed by Jeff: