WATCH: Vic Ruggiero – “Vacant Stare” Music Video

Vic Ruggiero of The Slackers had quite a busy end of 2014, touring and releasing a solo album titled This. A music video for the album’s track “Vacant Stare” is available, and can be seen below. Unlike The Slacker’s Jamaican sounds, Vic’s solo output has more of an Americana/folk vibe to it (which can also be seen in the short set he did on WFMU a few weeks back).

This was released by the Unison Music Group last October, and is available in CD or vinyl format via Amazon. Vic and the rest of The Slackers were last spotted at The Sinclair in Cambridge playing a set joined by Jesse Wagner of The Aggrolites.

Alex Chiasson

Alex Chiasson is a writer for Boston Ska (dot) net. Alex's first experience with ska involved referring to it as "that music with the horns, right?" He's gotten better with categorization, but he also has this weird thing about staying humble. You can see Alex perform with The New Limits.

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