We Care About Net Neutrality. You Should, Too.

You think bostonska.net loads slowly now? It could get worse. Seriously.

Now, I know this isn’t the only website you visit every day, but, it’s one of many websites you visit that’s run on a low or virtually no budget. Small businesses are in a similar boat. They’ve got a small hosting plan and some web space. What’s amazing is that we all have more or less equal access to an audience. Give or take SEO, we all get entered into the Google pool and turn up as search results. That’s pretty cool. Cable companies want to end this. They want to end this thing called “net neutrality.” The issue doesn’t sound so sexy. The thing is, the internet gives anyone with access–yes, there are folks without access, and that’s an issue, too–and cable companies want to restrict this kind of access.

John Oliver, above, explains it much more eloquently than I ever could. I’m asking you to sign this letter to lawmakers, leave a comment with the FCC, or share one of these images. It only takes a moment.