Apologies for the Radio Silence

My sincerest apologies for the lack of updates, folks! The day job has been killer this June. Thankfully the dust settles a bit the end of this week and I hope to return to our regularly scheduled (was I ever really on a schedule?) programming next weekend.

In the meantime, stuff has happened/is happening/will happen:

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Hoping to back in the groove/swing/skank of things (see what I did there?) by the end of June. I could for sure use a hand if you want to get involved in any way. Here’s where we could use help:

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  • Show reviews
  • Artist interviews
  • Updating show listings
  • Blogging on the topic of your choice (State of the scene? Your new favorite band? Memoirs of shows gone by? Your choice)
  • WordPress theme styling
  • Any other idea you might have!


Just email jake (at) bostonska (dot) net and we’ll get things going.