Summer Ska Release Round Up

I refuse to call this the “summer of ska” because I’m still not quite sure what it means (isn’t every summer a summer of ska? And spring, fall, and winter for that matter?) but there’s no denying there has been a noteworthy number of releases over the last few months. This list is by no means complete so feel free to scream at us in the comments about ones we overlooked.

The Mighty Mighty BossToneS – While We’re At It

6/15/18 – Our boys show no signs of quitting. See them August 25 in Worcester.

The English Beat – Here We Go Love

5/25/18 – Dave Wakeling finally delivers a new collection of tunes after many years of hype. I think it was worth the wait.

Mad Caddies – Punk Rocksteady

6/15/18 – They do reggae versions of songs from the Fat Wreck catalog. Sure, why not.


The Interrupters – Fight the Good Fight

6/29/18We’ve already gushed about this one enough so we’ll spare you.

The Fad – Get After It

8/2/18 – The first release in 10 years from this long-running Long Island ska/punk band. And there’s a Specials cover.


The Dirty Dottys – Space in My Noggin

6/23/18 – A danceable, soulful sophomore effort from one of our favorite ska-adjacent Boston bands.


Sonic Libido – Sorry for Being Good

6/23/18 – More from one of Maine’s hardest working punk/ska bands.


Sweet Babylon – New Beginnings

6/30/18 – This Fall River band are big fans of Sublime and you can catch them as local support on the Crankin’ and Skankin’ Fest on August 25.


Kill Lincoln – Good Riddance to Good Advice

8/4/18 – This DC Ska-core band reissued a 2015 release with a bonus tracks and a vinyl pressing.


The Fuss – Ourselves

7/13/18 – Get to know this razor sharp rocksteady crew from DC. This is shaping up to be one of my favorite releases this of 2018.


The Hempsteadys – Séance! Séance!

8/1/18 – Waving that CT ska flag, The Hempsteadys will also be supporting the Bosstone’s Crankin’ and Skankin’ Fest in Worcester on August 25.


Various Artists – Birth of the Fourth Wave of Ska

6/9/18 – Terrible title aside, this is a fantastic compilation of up and coming artists. The mix is mostly traditional ska and rocksteady and it’s very much worth your time.

Many of these acts are passing through MA so be sure to visit our calendar regularly.



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