The Planet Smashers Celebrate 20th Anniversary with New Album, Music Video, Tour Dates

This year, Canadian ska band The Planet Smashers celebrate their 20th anniversary with the release of a new record, music video, and a tour across Canada. Their new album “Mixed Messages” was released earlier this month on Stomp Records with Exclaim magazine premiering the stream. The album is sure to please any loyal Planet Smashers fan while showcasing some adventure in the songwriting, more prevalent keys, and more variety stylistically. They’ve released a video (above) for “Tear It Up,” the second track off the records. In the video, they don short-shorts, battle players from Montreal Roller Derby, get their asses handed to them, and then party down together, injuries and all.

For the Love of Punk and Readjunk also have more in-depth reviews. Pick the CD at your local records store, Interpunk, or download from iTunes, Amazon. Spotify is streaming below.

BIG TUNES: My personal favorite track is the rocksteady “Waiting for the Sunset,” “Scientific Explanation” dabbles in the 8-bit sound, “Never Die Old” is classic Planet Smashers.

As mentioned above, their April tour dates were primarily Canadian. May 9 they stop in Chicago and May 10 Detroit; let your friends know.