Tuesday Tuneage: Big D, Mad Caddies, and more

Tuesday Tuneage: It’s like Music Monday except I didn’t get to it until today. There have been a handful of singles released in the last week or so that really deserve some attention.

You might have noticed we fell off the Alex Stern bandwagon. Our bad. Fear not, he’s kept to his word, releasing a song every week in 2015. He’s up to 30 releases on his bandcamp page, all worth your time. Last week’s release was a very nice rocksteady tune with some delicious synth entitled “Never Do.”


On a recent compilation of bands paying tribute to Fat Wreck, Big D and the Kids Table contributed a cover of Propaghandhi’s “Ska Sux.” The tune follows the flow of the original tune but it’s way better. To be fair, I was never a Propagandhi fan. Hat tip to Dying Scene on this one. Here’s the original for the sake of comparison.


Speaking of Fat Wreck Chords, the label recently released a compilation of bands paying tribute to Tony Sly, the frontman for No Use For a Name who passed away in 2012. The comp features all of your Fat Wreck favorites. Mad Caddies offers an inspiring cover of “AM,” adding a reggae beat while staying true to the original.


Reggae revivalist Jr Thomas and his backing band The Volcanos released a soulful early reggae-inspired single entitled “Get a Hold of You,” offering a test of his the forthcoming album “Beware” on Truth and Soul Records. You might have seen him when he joined The Pomps on stage for a couple songs back in Fall 2013 for the Give Em the Boot/Dale La Bota tour. (There was video but it’s since been removed.) If you like what you’re hearing, I recommend his 2013 record with The Venditions.


Stomp Records is well known for delivering quality ska from bands like The Planet Smashers and The Beatdown. On August 14, they’ll released a new record from Los Kung-Fu Monkeys entitled “Rude Boy Rockers.” The band, now in their 18th year (and we’re just learning about them) made a music video for the song “Taking It Easy.” Fans of The Planet Smashers will dig this one.

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