Tuesday Tuneage – New Year, New Jams

We’ve got a bit of catching up to do here. Let’s start by celebrating some new music before get all nostalgic about 2015.

The Pomps Save the Queen!

I believe this 2013 EP was previously only available on Spotify. For those of you who like to listen to music without internet access, you can now download it from Bandcamp. Toss the band a few bucks while you’re at it.

Crazy Baldhead – Come to Me

Here’s another music video from Crazy Baldhead, the side project of Jay Nugent, guitarist for The Slackers. He recently released a new album and we spoke to him about it. The track “Come To Me” features Maddie Ruthless who you might have heard on the recent Doped Up Dollies release.

Go Jimmy Go Goes Belly Up

This Hawaiian ska band gifted their friends a live album just after New Year’s. It’s a completely free download via mediafire dropbox of a show recorded in San Diego in 2006. This recording really captures the band at their best. I was fortunate enough to see them live once at the Middle East Upstairs and I’ve been craving their soulful sound ever since.

Eli Reed Soulelujah Mixtape

Boston blue-eyed vocalist Eli “Paperboy” Reed recently guest DJed at Soulelujah back in December. Soulelujah is one of our favorite regular dance parties in Boston (check our calendar for details and other regular events). He has since posted a mix of his set. It’s not the same experience but it’s a great mix and gives you a taste of what the night is like.

Eli “Paperboy” Reed at Soulelujah 12/26/2015 by Elipaperboyreed on Mixcloud

The Freecoasters Sampler

Back in July, Florida’s Freecoasters began a kickstarter campaign for their new rocksteady record. They’ve posted a four song sampler with selections from their forthcoming release “Show Up.”

Chris Murray Combo – Video and Album

Everyone’s favorite one-man-ska-band has released a new album with his trio. The album is called “Buckle Up” and the first single is called “When Your Someday Come.” Watch the video below and buy the album here. It’s super breezy, feel good acoustic-y ska for the uninitiated.

An Oral History of Stomp Records

While it’s not music, per se, Noisey’s interview with the folks at Stomp Records (The Planet Smashers) is a really interesting read. These guys have a really great take on making music work for musicians. If you dig this, you’ll also enjoy Noisey’s articles on the East L.A. ska scene and their history of Two Tone.

Looking for a “best of 2015” kind of thing? This is probably as close as we’ll get.