Tuesday Tubeage: Spring 2016 Music Video Back Log

Once again we’ve become very backed up on new music and news. Lest you think we’re holding out on you, we figured clear out that list and make sure you got to listen to and watch some of the things that have been on our radar the last few months. We’re like your ska DVR or something.

This is the new music video back log. You can check out the new release back log here.

*We’re using the word “new” very loosely here if that wasn’t painfully obvious.

The Slackers – “Working Overtime” – Live at Sugarshack Sessions

This is the second video The Slackers have recorded with the Sugarshack sessions. It’s an acoustic version of one of my favorite tracks from their excellent self-titled release.

Chris Murray – “Heartache”

A quintessential acoustic rocksteady track from Venice Shoreline Chris off his 2009 album Yard Sale.

Heavensbee – “Bombs Away”

This super-polished pop/reggae track comes from a band composed of members of Bigger Thomas, Across The Aisle, and Rudeboy George. There’s plenty more of this on their full length release “Soul Mates.”

The Beatdown – “Sailing The Seas”

This video came out back in March but we couldn’t let it go unmentioned. It’s a trippy, psychedelic offering from one of our favorite Canadian rocksteady acts off their 2015 album “The Beatdown Meets Hugo Mudie.”

Los Kung Fu Monkeys – “Rude Boy Rockers”

Speaking of Canadian ska, here’s a track for fans of The Planet Smashers. Stomp Records can’t stop, won’t stop!

The Faintest Idea – “Part Two: Cocktails”

For fans of Brunt of It, but more British. h/t Dying Scene

Jahriffe and Jan-N-I Roots Movement – “Love Is One”

Another solid offering from this Boston roots/reggae act. This one just manages to encapsulate in a beautiful 5-minute jar.

Did we miss a recent music video? Are you super pissed at us for leaving it out? Let us know in the comments!