Tuesday Tuneage: Spring 2016 New Release Back Log

Once again we’ve become very backed up on new music and news. Lest you think we’re holding out on you, we figured clear out that list and make sure you got to listen to and watch some of the things that have been on our radar the last few months. Better late than never. Right? RIGHT!?

This is the new release back log. You can check out the music video back log here.

*We’re using the word “new” very loosely here if that wasn’t painfully obvious.

Sonic Libido – Live at the Mill (east)

Get it? See what they did there? These ska-misfits from Maine just keep plugging away. This live album really captures the band’s energy!

The Freecoasters – Show Up

This stand-out release is a product of a succesful crowdfunding campaign. The Freecoasters are a soulful rocksteady act rom Florida and the record was produced by Jesse Wagner of the Aggrolites.

Big Orange Slap – Self-Titled

Check out this debut release from a new pop/ska band from right here in Boston! This album is for fans of Mustard Plug.

Anyone else remember the Big Orange Bonanza, an upstate NY ska festival from back in the day? No? Just me?

Let’s Get Dangerous – Demo

This peppy guitar-driven release is from a new band featuring Maura Weaver from Ohio punk band Mixtapes! I’m really looking forward to more music from this band.

Babaloo – Self-Titled

The latest release from Boston’s premier (only?) punk-mambo band. Admittedly it’s the first of theirs I’ve listened to but you can now consider me a fan. If you need me I’ll be digging through the rest of their discography.

El Grande – Bayside Story

El Grande is a fixture of the Maine ska scene and this sophomore effort finds them really refining their sound. It’s a great blend of peppy two-tone, chill rocksteady, hooks, and sing-a-longs.

The Interrupters – “By My Side”

“By My Side” is the first single from “Say It Out Loud” available June 24 and available for pre-order now. While I love the Rancid-inspired sound, their self-titled release didn’t quite grab me, but the 2015 singles and this new song have my attention.

Western Standard Time – Self-Titled EP

The west coast big band ska sound is back with new takes on the classic! The wax is already sold out (our bad) but the two-track EP can be purchased digitally.

Did we miss a recent release? Are you super pissed at us for leaving it out? Let us know in the comments!