Hollie Cook Brings Her Big Reggae Sounds to Somerville

Since its release in late January, I have not stopped listening to “Vessels of Love,” the latest album from British reggae singer Hollie Cook. From start to finish the record is flawless, never once giving you reason to skip a track. Her big voice, lush harmonies, and rocksteady rhythms make for an experience that defines uplifting. “Vessels of Love” relaxes, soothes, and energizes all in one sitting.

The overall vibe is a wall of sound, thick with instrumentation and ambience. Her harmonies soar over heavy bass lines, perfect upbeats, and spacey keys. You want horns? You got ‘em. Melodica? Duh. A ska track in the middle? Try “Ghostly Fading.” Cook knows exactly how to craft a reggae jam and make it something completely fresh and unexpected.

It’s hard to find anything bad to say about the release. While there’s no one standout single, it means no one cut risks overplay. It’s available on Bandcamp, Spotify and all the rest. You can purchase the vinyl from the label’s website or at your favorite local record store. The online store has sold out of the limited edition translucent pink vinyl (see below) but it can still be found in stores. I grabbed my copy at Tres Gatos in Jamaica Plain. Plan to spin this record in full at your next party.

Hollie Cook brings her incredibly voice and unique style to ONCE Ballroom in Somerville on Saturday, March 24. She’ll be supported by local dub act Flying Vipers who we’ve raved about before. Tickets are a steal at only $18. I’ve already got mine!

Big Tunes: Survive, Ghostly Fading, Freefalling

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