SHOW PREVIEW: Ska Revival Tour Brings Be Like Max and The A-Oks to MA

2015 ska revival tour header

Last year, a consortium of bands launched the Ska Revival Tour. Reminiscent of the Ska is Dead project of the mid-2000s, the tour brings together a variety of bands to rejuvenate the scene. You might remember last summer when a handful of young ska bands started posting “We’re here #skarevival” on social media. The whole thing was a very well-orchestrated means of announcing this project and a tour. The same folks are behind this tour.

Watch a short video that announces this season’s offerings.

Putting aside the, um, abbreviated history of ska, and that the Descent Into the Valley of the Planet Smashers came out in 2011 (some time after the 90s, I’m told), this is a great introduction to the bands and what they’re going for!

You might remember a few weeks back when we raised the signal that the tour was looking for a Boston-area date last minute and we’re glad they found one! The tour comes to 3065 Live in East Wareham, MA (about an hour from Boston) on July 31. $10 gets you 6 bands and the show is all ages! Join the Facebook for more information. Get to know the bands below.

Be Like Max – “Bring on the Suits”

Our regular readers might remember Be Like Max when we discovered their cover of Westbound Train’s “Bigger Things in Mind.” This fast tune reminds me of a Mad Caddies tune.

The A-OKs – “Misfortune cookie”

RIYL Reel Big Fish or Forces of Evil.

The Other Stars – “You Looked Better at the Party”

This song has a 90s alt-rock vibe and is categorically not ska. But, they’re still a great band from Worcester and we’re glad to see local support on this bill! Visit their bandcamp for more tunes.

Orphan Killbot – “Intervention”

This track reminds Link 80 and I’m digging it. Holy crap, these guys are from Boston. How’d we miss them? The rest of the record has lots of great pop/punk and more ska. Let’s keep an eye on these guys.

You know the drill. Check the calendar and check it often!