The Selecter Play Paradise Rock Club September 21

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We owe the biggest tips of the hat to Marco on the Bass for sharing news of upcoming east coast tour dates for two-tone era British ska bands The Selecter. Talk about the bucket list! Here’s another band I’d comfortably filed under “never see.” But sure enough, they scheduled a few west coast dates, played Coachella, and I thought, “this could happen!”

Just months after The Specials play the House of Blues, The Selecter will grace the stage of Paradise Rock Club on Saturday, September 21st. This is an 18+ affair. Tickets will run you $26 and they’re on sale now. Does it feel like a two-tone revival is happening? The English Beat gets as close as Natick July 18. I’m still holding my breath for Madness (I’m convinced I’ll be flying across the pond for that one).

UPDATE 7/14/13: We have a facebook event!. No word on openers yet. Keep you posted…

UPDATE 8/14/13: Ohio’s The Pinstripes will be opening this show! Here they are performing “mother”

Earlier this year, The Selecter released a new record entitled String Theory, and I imagine they’ll be playing a mix of songs from their extensive back catalog in addition to new tracks. At least I hope that’s the case because I’m really digging this record. Marco [on the Bass] also has a very in depth review of the record and the line up. Stream tunes below:

Which raises the question, who’s in The Selecter these days? You’d be hard pressed to call any band “The Selecter” without lead vocalist Pauline Black. Beside her is original member¬†Arthur ‘Gaps’ Hendrickson. Besides that, I think it’s all newer (relatively speaking) recruits. And people fuss that The Specials is down a couple original members? I still go see The English Beat and The Toasters every time they come around and they, well, they don’t have so many “original” members. It’s gotten me into discussions with folks over why we canonize the line ups of some bands and not others. Where do you stand on the issue? Will you be seeing The Selecter or The Specials this summer? Leave your thoughts in the comments.

What do they sound like these days? Here’s an interview and recent video clip:

The Selecter – “Carry Go Bring Home” – The¬†Glass House, Pomona, CA – 4/15/13

Interview with Pauline Black & Gaps of the Selecter by TNN Radio & The Scene Report

And for posterity’s sake…

The Selecter – “On My Radio” – Top of the Pops, circa 1979

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    I am close to The Selecter members and can put you in touch with their US booking agent, if you are interested in doing a promotional segment.

    Please contact me if you are interested.

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