VIDEO: Santa Announces Bosstones’ Hometown Throwdown

On Saturday, July 20th, The Mighty Mighty Bosstones played to a packed audience on the Boston Common. As part of their set, they announced the 16th Hometown Throwdown at the House of Blues in Boston. Making the announcement by way of video was Tyler and JR from Spring Heeled Jack USA (you might also recognize JR RePete from Less Than Jake). In case you couldn’t make it to the common that day, the video’s been posted to YouTube.

This year’s throwdown takes place December 27-29 and tickets go on sale September 20th. We’ll post the link when we see it.

UPDATE 9/20/13 9:15 AM: Tickets go on sale at 10am

Hat tip to Readjunk for catching the video. ReadJunk is also spreading the delightful rumor that Spring Heeled Jack USA will be playing one of the dates. But just in case you should see them at the Middle East this October.

(Yes, I swore I wouldn’t post about the Bosstones until tickets went on sale and yes I broke that promise. Deal.)

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UPDATE 9/29/13 3PM: Bosstones have announced some of the openers to help you with your ticket decisions (you mean you’reĀ not going to all three nights?). H/T Vanyaland:

In an effort to help you make informed decisions around ticket purchases, we are announcing (almost) all the support bands early this year. We are really excited about the line up! As usual we are neck-deep in all kinds of crazy plans and preparations. We hope your holiday plans collide with ours and that we see you in Boston!

Much love MMB

12/27: Mephiskapheles and Continental
12/28: Youth Brigade and special guests TBA
12/29: Sam Black Church and Rebuilder

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  1. I wouldn’t take that video to mean that SHJ are playing. Pete and Tyler joined the Bosstones on stage at the Throwdown in 2011.

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