VIDEO: The Doped Up Dollies Perform Shirley Ellis Classic “The Clapping Song” at Hometown Throwdown

Part of the The Doped Up Dollies‘ signature sound hearkens back to 60’s girl groups and jump rope rhymes. In my humble opinion, their set is incomplete without their cover of the Shirley Ellis sing-a-long “The Clapping Song.” The song is so clearly an influence on their sound and it really ties the set together.

The band recently posted a video of them performing this song at the 2017 Mighty Mighty BossToneS Hometown Throwdown at the House of Blues.

You may not have heard the original “Clapping Song” by Shirley Ellis but you’ve probably heard the Shirley Ellis single “The Name Game” or seen it on Tiny Toon Adventures. Good luck getting that out of your head!

Upcoming Shows

The Doped Up Dollies have a few dates this summer: