Destroy Babylon Returns Incognito and in Control of the Dub as The Flying Vipers

Black and white photo of the band Flying Vipers

Destroy Babylon is back…well, sort of.

The brothers Beaudette have returned to the studio with an experimental project they call The Flying Vipers. The guys recorded a six song mini-album called The Green Tape.

November/December Ska Shows and News

Welcome to first post on Boston Ska (dot) net. Let’s call this a soft launch. I’d been blogging at and decided to start this sucker.

I missed the first couple weeks of November but there’s still a decent amount going on. I wasn’t able to make it to The Toasters on November 3rd at Johnny D’s. Did anyone catch any video from the show? I wasn’t able to find any on YouTube. It’s okay, The Toasters will be at TT’s in March.

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