Today in Jeff Rosenstock: “Never Get Tired” Kickstarter, Live Podcast Taping

“Never Get Tired: The Bomb The Music Industry! Story”, is a distillation of over 350 hours of footage from both live shows and interviews featuring members of BTMI, Andrew Jackson Jihad, and Laura Stevenson and The Cans

Big D and The Kids Table Release Video for “Best of Them All”

big d damned dumb and deliriousWe’re a bit late to the party here, but we’d be remissed not to mention the latest Big D and The Kids Table video for “Best of Them All.” The song is off their summer 2011 release For the Damned, the Dumb & The Delirious on SideOnedummy Records. I generally dug the record. It was very much in the vein of “How It Goes” or “Strictly Rude.” Dying Scene has a pretty thorough review. Midway into raising money for their new record on Kickstarter (much more on that later), Big D released this video as a reward/incentive to backers. Similarly, they released a pretty cool video for “Rotten” from the same record exclusively to backers and then made that public (though I couldn’t find it on YouTube or Vimeo).

Check the video below. Take a drink every time you recognize someone from the Have Nots. Cheers!

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