A Guy Named Guy Bids Boston Farewell After Strong Four-Year Run

A Guy Named Guy - Last Show - Photo by Freddie Ross

On May 25, 2014, Boston ska/punk band A Guy Named Guy played their last show. We talked with them about how they got their start, some highlights from their four-year run, and what’s next for the band members.

A Guy Named Guy and Poor Jeremy Embark on the “Mega Miniest” of Tours

Poor Jeremy | A Guy Named Guy | Boston Ska Bands | Tour

Poor Jeremy | A Guy Named Guy | Boston Ska Bands | TourLet’s get one thing out of the way: It is really hard to tour as a band playing any flavor of ska. The national hype has died down, the economy sucks, and all of this is exacerbated by having more than 5 people in a band. The more people, the more complicated it becomes to take time off from work or school, fit people into vehicles, fit instruments into trunks, and generally trek from point A to point B.

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Celebrate Skanukkah at the Middle East with Local Bands

20131201 skanukkahIt’s a little known fact that the fifth night of Hanukkah is the most important of all the nights, particularly among ska fans. Since medieval times, the festival of lights has been a time to gather, dance, and drink.

Actually that first part is made up and the second part could be true of any holiday. What’s absolutely true is that this year on that fifth night, the Middle East in Cambridge is host to 5 local ska and punk bands: The Takeaways, A Guy Named Guy, and Poor Jeremy from Boston, OFC666  from Turners Falls, MA and RF30 from Concord, NH. (The Stupid Stupid Henchmen were originally on this bill but had to drop off.) Will this evolve into an annual event akin to New Jersey’s Skanksgiving? We’re certainly not opposed to the idea!

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