Documentary Captures Brooklyn Rocksteady Scene

brooklyn rocksteady logoThis is an excerpt of a post I originally published on my personal blog. While it’s got nothing to do with the Boston Ska scene, the Brooklyn Rocksteady documentary covers the scene I was a part of before I moved to Boston. No scene lives in a vacuum. I’m also incredibly proud to have been a part of it and wanted to share it.

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Spend 420 with Sammy Kay & the Fast Four and Brunt of It in Jamaica Plain

sammy kay 2013 spring tour

sammy kay 2013 spring tourImagine my surprise when I found out my old pal Sammy Kay was passing through Boston. I met Sammy Kay in New York City when he was playing with The Forthrights and I was playing with The Hard Times and we were playing gigs together every two minutes. Well around the time I was getting ready to move to Boston, he had put a new band together, called Sammy Kay and the Fast Four. They played a few gigs before Sammy took off for the west coast where he plays with the East Los 3.

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