Alternative Press Streams Two New Big D And The Kids Table Songs

Alternative Press Streams Two New Songs from Big D And The Kids Table

Big D and the Kids Table is pulling out all the stops to promote the double-release of “Stomp” and “Stroll,” two new full-length records they recently finished recording.

Alternative Press is streaming one song from each record and the band (read: leader singer David McWane; note the use of “I”) tells the story behind each song.

“Stepping Out Of Line Forever”
This song was the first song written for Stomp and cliché enough, it was written on a porch of humble cabin looking over a small pond. American punk rock is often looked at as a phase in a teenager’s life, while in England and Europe being a Punk is a lifestyle and mentality that amounts to more than just a rebellious phase…

“Young Suckers”
This tune is one of my all-time favorite songs to have been a part of. It is in my top 5 proudest creations ever. Its core message is: Stop moaning and judging others from afar and just simmer down and join in the fun. Life is short and can be badass if you simply stop overthinking. So go on and get into it already…

Head to Alternative Press for the exclusive on the streams and a few more words on the backstories of the tunes.

Want to hear more from the new records? Watch videos of the recording sessions or download a track from the ska/punk record.