Download a Free Sampler from RareBreed and Paper + Plastick

The RareBreed Recording Company has very quickly made a name for themselves as the contemporary home of all things ska and reggae. Their 2015 Summer sampler was in heavy rotation in my headphones followed by their Winter 15/16 sampler in a very close second. I find myself anxiously awaiting their now seasonal releases.

In an effort to change things up, the most recent sampler has been released as a pair of two compilations from both RareBreed and their partner label Paper + Plastick. If you’ve ever downloaded a RareBreed sampler, you’ll notice it’s coming from the Paper + Plastick Limited Run page. Where as RareBreed will focus on the ska and reggae, Paper + Plastick aims to be the supplier of all that is up and coming in punk rock.

The joint release provides a really great blend of punk, hardcore, ska, and reggae. As cliché as it sounds, there’s really something for everyone. I find myself listening on shuffle and enjoying almost every tune. There are a handful of tracks that appear to be completely new and a few that can be found on previous releases by the respective labels.

Download the sampler for free.

Track Listing

Paper + Plastick

  1. Medictation – Memories of Youth
  2. Textbook – Outside
  3. The Attack – Four of a Kind
  4. Break Anchor – First World Problems
  5. Brogues – Heartbeat RPM
  6. Fallen From The Sky – Rebuilder
  7. The Bennies – Party Machine
  8. MC LARS – Sublime with Rome (Is Not the Same as Sublime)

RareBreed Recording Co.

  1. The Slackers – By the Time I Get to Sleep
  2. The Pomps – Downbeat Diner
  3. Vic Ruggiero – Heroes
  4. Matt Embree – Dehumanizer
  5. Obi Fernandez – Don’t Turn Away
  6. Western Standard Time Ska Orchestra – Monkey Ska
  7. Chris DeMakes – Wasted Years
  8. Brooklyn Attractors – Green Mango

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