Dying Scene Releases Free Ska Punk Comp Featuring Big D, Mustard Plug, Mad Caddies


Punk blog and news site Dying Scene has released a free compilation of ska punk tunes featuring both established artists as well as up and coming acts. 

“Skaface: Evolution” is a compilation that focuses on the “punkier” side of ska-punk, highlighting bands that convey the speed or angst that originally helped define our beloved genre.  Through trombones, trumpets, saxaphones and upstroked guitars the mode of “ska” delivery varies but the musical aesthetic of this group of artists is undeniably “punk rock.”

We’re releasing this digital comp simply because we think the bands it features are badass and deserve a little more attention in the punk scene at large. 

Among other tracks, it includes a song from the upcoming two-album release from Big D & The Kids Table. Big D has been diligently recording two kickstarter-powered records due out June 11th, one featuring their “stroll” sound and the other their more signature ska-punk sound. The song “Social Muckery” featured on this comp appropriately fits the ska-punk rubric.

All Dying Scene asks for in return is a “like” on their Facebook page, which is fairly reasonable. I often look to them as a source of timely news on the bands I care the most about.

Read more about the comp or head straight to Facebook to download.

Track Listing:

1. The Resignators – “Rocket Ship”
2. Upbeat Allstars – “Breaking Point”
3. Mad Caddies – “Distress” (new, faster version) *
4. Huge Puppies – “Depressed Viking” *
5. Ghetto Blaster – “Fall Of Civilization”
6. La Pobreska – “Never Enough”
7. 4 Aspirin Morning – “All U Need 2 Know” *
8. Mustard Plug – “What Does She Know” *
9. Be Like Max – “Get Over It”
10. The Brass Action – “The Devil Down Below”
11. Big D And The Kids Table – “Social Muckery” *
12. The Junk – “Rise And Shine”
13. The First Chairs – “It’s Okay”
14. Faintest Idea – “House Of Cards”
15. Demon Waffle – “Too Slow”

* Previously Unreleased