A July Heatwave of New Music

You might have noticed that we haven’t been at the top of our game this month. There’s been quite a bit of new music thrown our way in the last few weeks and we just haven’t been quite ahead of the curve. Frankly, we’ve let you down. There’s new ska in Boston and the world and we’re just getting around to telling you about it now. For now, let’s just blame the heat and humidity.

Just last week, Boston’s Ska-Prest released this peppy ode to the city of Boston entitled “Coming Home to Boston” which you can download from soundcloud.

Curious what’s happening in the northwest US and Canada? Check out the Pacific Sound System compilation, a free collection of 23 tracks from bands from the other coast!

In support of a tour happening now, elsewhere in the country, The Ska Revival Tour has put out an 11-track compilation of bands featured on legs of the tour, including tracks Survay Says!, Kill Lincoln, and one of our favorites, The Snails. Learn more about the tour in For the Love of Punk’s interview with The A-OKs.

Fat Wreck has released a 7-inch for Mad Caddies’ Brand New Scar with b-side “Dixtress” for only $4.

CT Party Ska Band Llama Tsunami have made a new video for their new song “Get Over Yourself” in support of their new album Safety First, now available for $7 on Bandcamp.

Our own local ska/punks Poor Jeremy have made a video for their newer song “Till I Die.”

With the excitement around Lavar Burton’s Reading Rainbow Kickstarter, Big D and the Kids Table have posted two covers of the theme song, one of which features djBC.

Speaking of djBC, his Big D-Moe Pope mash-up “Fluent in Moe” is available for free download from his website. Sample a track here:

While there’s no ska on this release, the Cherry Poppin’ Daddies have a new record on the way paying tribute to songs made famous by the Rat Pack. Entitled “Please Return the Evening,” this homage comes out July 29. The first single from the record is the classic “Come Fly with Me.”

We’ll try to step up our game this July, promise.