The Aggrolites Release New Music for Thanksgiving

Fans of The Aggrolites can be thankful this week for a three-song EP released yesterday. The California dirty-reggae act surprised us all with new recordings available from Bandcamp. If you’re anything like me, you’ve been craving more music from the band since 2011 when they dropped a studio record**, a live album, and a 7-inch series–all in one year! Things got a little slow after that. The band came through town on a 2012 tour with Easy Star All-Stars and have done some short west coast tours here and there, but not so much east coast love. And there was that random tune in 2013 on the Lone Ranger soundtrack.

Yesterday’s release brings a good helping of what the Aggrolites do best. “Helpman” is a bubbly skinhead jam, the instrumental “Western Taipan” showcases Roger Rivas’ talents, and “Aggro Reggae Party” is the driving sing-a-long jam that immediately reminds me how much fun I have at an Aggro show. Listen below, then head to Bandcamp and pick up the tunes for just $1 each. Here’s hoping this is just a taste of more music to come and maybe some northeast tour dates!


Traveling to California this holiday season? Have some friends or family that could use more party in their life? Send them to an Aggrolites Reggae Wonderland tour date.

Aggrolites 2015 Reggae Wonderland HOliday Tour


** Did you know “Rugged Road” was recorded in Allston? Or that Marc Beaudette of Destroy Babylon worked on the cover art? Or that Young Cub Records was based in Boston? So many boston Connections!