The Slackers Release Rancid Cover on 7-inch

At the exact moment you start to wonder when the last time The Slackers made a record, they come through with a huge tune. Their next release will be a 45rpm record featuring a cover of Rancid’s rocksteady jam “Wrongful Suspicion.” The original was one of my favorite rocksteady jams on the 1998 album “Life Won’t Wait.” The Slackers stay fairly true to the rocksteady form but tighten up a little, really nailing that hit on three, and of course singer Vic Ruggiero’s voice is a stark contrast from Tim Armstrong’s. It’s also worth noting that Slackers saxist Dave Hillyard performed on that “Life Won’t Wait” recording. Take a listen below.

The 7-inch record will be released by Badasonic records, also home to tracks from Dave Hillyard, Caz Gardiner, and the Reggae Workers of the World series. Side B is “The Noose,” a song I’m not yet familiar with. You can pre-order it now for about $8 (shipping ran me another $8) and ships the last week of October.

The Slackers return to Boston on December 21 for a night at The Sinclair where they’ll be joined by The Doped Up Dollies. Tickets are on sale now.

In case it’s been a while, give the original a listen.