360 Degrees of Fishbone Live in Hollywood

I’ve been hearing about these 360 degree videos and cameras but I had never taken the time to seek anything out. Last week, Fishbone posted a 360 degree video from a performance at The Roxy in Hollywood, CA in December 2015. I had no idea what to expect and it actually took me a moment to figure how to interact with the video. Sure enough, you can click, drag, and watch the video from different angles and perspectives. That is, no viewing of the video is the same every time. It wasn’t until the third time I watched it that I even noticed the circle pit.

In the video, they perform the Sublime classic “Date Rape,’ a song Fishbone has been performing for years. They recorded it on their 2006 album “Still Stuck In Your Throat,” an excellent album which was released with little fanfare. This video of this particular song was released 20 years to the date of the death of Sublime founder Bradley Nowell who died on May 25, 1996. If that doesn’t feel like a lifetime ago, consider that “40oz. To Freedom,” the album featuring “Date Rape,” came out in 1992.

Watch the video below. Then watch it again from a different angle!

Fishbone is currently on tour, but the only northeast date at the moment is Afropunk Fest in Brooklyn, NY on August 28.