Here’s Big D’s Vocalist Dave McWane Singing About Legos

Further cementing ska as kid-friendly, Big D and the Kids Table vocalist Dave McWane has lent his voice to a recent Lego music video entitled “Can’t Stop Building.” You might recall Big D will also be featured in an upcoming Domo cartoon. Perhaps this is part of strategy to reach new fans. If there’s anything to be learned from The Aquabats, it’s all about the long game.

This tune was written by Jay Maas, formerly of MA band Defeater, so says Substream Magazine (you’ll have to forgive me for my weak knowledge of MA hardcore history). Even so, it sounds like it was written for Dave and Big D and could easily be found on one of their albums. It’s fast, it’s catchy, it’s got a sing-a-long, and has an epic breakdown. The synthy horns are a hair distracting but they don’t take away from the whole.

The video itself is total eye candy and everything you’d expect from Lego. “Got my bricks in hand so you better step back.” Because there is absolutely nothing worse than stepping barefoot on a stray Lego.

(via substream, h/t tom v)