Mighty Mighty Bosstones Fan Posts “Road to the Throwdown” Documentary in Full

In 2007, The Mighty Mighty Bosstones celebrated a 10th Hometown Throwdown after a 4-or-so year hiatus. To hype up up the shows, they released a 6-part video series called “Road to the Throwdown.” It loosely covered what the band members had been up to and what it took to get them back together. I vaguely remember watching them on MySpace at the time. Since then, the internet has been gracious enough to splice it together into a single one-hour video on YouTube. Enjoy!

You can still watch them in 6 digestible parts if you’d like. The Bosstones last released The Magic of Youth available on CD and LP.

Hat tip to Dying Scene for the video.

So, who in the hell is Sonic Libido?